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Yantar-1U radiation portal monitor


The model is used at automobile (freight) check points.
Detection threshold no more than:

Cs – 137420 kBq
Со – 60210 kBq
Ва – 133450 kBq
Рu5 g
U370 g
Рu protected200 g

Pu –a sample of highly enriched plutonium Pu-239, U – a sample of highly enriched uranium U-235

Technical characteristics

Registration channels gamma, neutron
Gamma detector 2 plastics 4,6l each
Neutron detector 6meters 0,6 l each
Control zone size Width: 3 m
Height: 3 m
Object's speed 10 km/h
Power consumption 45 Watt
Operating temperatureBetween -50°С and +50°С
Dimensions of one pillar 583×2073×300 mm
Cumulative weight 180 kg

Probability of detection of the specified masses of nuclear materials is 0.5 with the confidence probability of 95%, background intensity of no more than 20 mcR/hr and frequency of false alarms of no more than 1/1000.

– also available as a one-pillar model;
– also available without a neutron channel.


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