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Training Radiation Monitor


The training radiation monitor is used in training of maintenance staff on the principles and operations of permanent pedestrian and transportation radiation control systems.


  • A clear body frame allowing to demonstrate the principles of internal arrangements of radiation monitors.
  • Small dimensions and weight of the monitor make it possible for the monitor to be placed on a regular desk.
  • Availability of an uninterrupted power supply make it possible to conduct training in the field for at least 2 hours.
  • A connected digital video camera synchronized with the monitor allows to obtain video information about an object located within a monitor control zone and to save and reproduce a video recording of an object that triggered an alarm.
  • An alarm imitation button for an unauthorized opening of the monitor's pillar door.
  • Sound alarm switch off button.
  • Monitor operation control and information presentation are conducted with the help of a portable PC.
  • Software that accompanies a monitor includes a full package of staff training programs and training materials to study operations of radiation monitors.

Technical characteristics

Registered radiation gamma and neutron
Placement desk
Dimensions of a monitor's pillar 600×400×190 mm
Dimensions of a packaging 800×500×300 mm
Weight of an assembled monitor's pillar 15 kg
Weight of a packed monitor25 kg
Video system AXIS 270 digital video camera, TCP/IP protocol
Control console Note Book
Operating system Windows

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