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ASRBK1U.14-01 Gamma Radiation Detection Unit

ASRKB1U.14-01 gamma radiation detection units (GDU) are designed to transform the gamma radiation flow within the energy range of 0.05 ÷ 3.0 MeV into a sequence of standard electric pulses when used within automated radiation control systems. The ASRKB1U14-01 GDU is used primarily within permanent radiation monitor detectors of fissile and radioactive materials (FRM) used to identify cases of FRM smuggling.

GDU can be used to perform continuous radiation control within technological zones of enterprises of nuclear weapons and nuclear power complexes, radioactive substances warehouses and other facilities, where works with ionizing radiation sources are conducted, for radiation monitoring of the environment as well as within permanent radiation monitor detectors of fissile and radiation substances.

Registration energy range, MeV0.05 ÷ 3.0
Maximum output quiescent load, imp/s2×104
Plastic scintillator dimensions, mm510×200×50
Detection unit dimensions, no more than, mm750×235×100
Detection unit weight, no more than, kg15
Gamma radiation sensitivity
241Am, imp/quant·сm2300
133Ba, imp/quant·сm2375
37Cs, imp/quant·сm2325
60Co, imp/quant·сm2200

A +12 V/150 mA external source is used for power supply.


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