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Spectrometric Detection Units

Spectrometric detection units are designed to be used within laboratory spectrometric devices to study energy distribution of gamma radiation from different ionizing radiation sources.
Korgau KZ LLP offers several models of gamma detectors with varying sizes of a scintillation detector (NaI) in use.

Technical characteristics

Gamma radiation energy range0.05 ÷ 3.0 MeV
Integral nonlinearity, no more than:2 %
Dimensions of the detector's sensitive area
ASRBK1U.11Ø 40×40 mm
ASRBK1U.12Ø 150×50 mm
ASRBK1U.15Ø 25×25 mm
ASRBK1U.16Ø 75×75 mm
ASRBK1U.18Ø 125×70 mm
Relative energy resolution with 662 keV gamma radiation
ASRBK1U.11no more than 8.0 %
ASRBK1U.12no more than 9.0 %
ASRBK1U.15no more than 7.5 %
ASRBK1U.16no more than 8.0 %
ASRBK1U.18no more than 9.0 %
Maximum output quiescent loadat least 5×104 Gh
Time required for operating mode setupno more than 5 min
Operating temperature range+10ºC ÷ +35ºC
Detection unit weight
ASRBK1U.11no more than 1.0 kg
ASRBK1U.12no more than 8.0 kg
ASRBK1U.15no more than 0.3 kg
ASRBK1U.16no more than 2.2 kg
ASRBK1U.18no more than 8.0 kg

Upon request detection units cab be equipped with a spectrometric path automatic calibration system.


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