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Sanitary-Epidemiological Laboratory


The sanitary epidemiological laboratory is designed to isolate pure cultures of especially dangerous infectious agents, to identify agents, detect virulent and toxicogenic characteristics, detect sensitivity to antimicrobial drugs. It performs bacteriological diagnostics of plague, anthrax, tularemia, brucellosis, equinia, and melioidosis. The infectious disease laboratory can perform PCR diagnostics of vial and bacterial infections, identify genetically modified source (GMS) in plants and plant derivatives, test ticks for borreliosis. The infectious disease laboratory is used to organize and carry out sanitary epidemiological (bacteriological) investigations and research, epidemiological analysis of infectious diseases and epidemiological foci inspections.
Operations can be carried out both autonomously and within specialized groups, including in epidemiological and epizootic foci located in separate, remote, hard to reach regions not covered by stationary laboratory network, in emergency zones.
The sanitary epidemiological laboratory ensures implementation of any regulated task during operations in emergency zones with disrupted local infrastructure including healthcare and sanitary and epidemiological surveillance systems.

Implemented tasks and capabilities

1. Diagnostics of especially dangerous infection agents with the help of bacteriological and biological methods; collection and processing of specimens for BSL-3 testing.
2. Infection of bioassay animals, field material and bioassay animal autopsy, preparation of impression smears and primary isolation.
3. Containment of uninfected and infected bioassay animals in a special cabinet.
4. Thermostating of culture, registration of primary isolation results, manipulations with pure cultures.
5. Microbiological diagnostics.
6. Classical polymerase chain reaction (PCR) with real-time registration of results in BSL-3 cabinet or a PCR block.
7. Testing of any pathological materials.
8. Strengthening of certain areas of operations of local sanitary epidemiological services (work loads exceeding capacities of local services, staff deficit, no experience).


  • High maneuverability due to characteristics of the base unit.
  • Possibility of independent operations in remote areas within a 500 km radius without refueling (together with a KamAZ tow car or implemented on its basis).
  • Transportability by air and rail.
  • The set of removable special laboratory equipment modules that are part of the movable infectious disease laboratory is developed in accordance with the current list of regulatory documents.
  • The laboratory is designed to be used in different climatic zones with ambient temperature varying between - 40ºС and + 40ºС.
  • The existing combination of essential support systems create comfortable conditions for autonomous operations within the specified temperature range.
  • A unique automation system creates and supports the desired negative pressure, varying in different laboratory blocks.
  • Possibility to work with PBA of groups I-IV.
  • A complete package of authorization documents for registration with the Road Traffic authorities.
  • Warranty maintenance throughout the CIS territory.


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