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ТОО «Қорғау KZ»

Supply of equipment
and technical support

Oil Product Quality Control Laboratory


Delivery of staff and special equipment to operation sites. Obtaining of operative data on the quality of oil products.

Implemented tasks and capabilities

1. The oil product quality control laboratory performs evaluation of qualitative characteristics of oil products at retail (gas stations) and wholesale site and storage facilities in accordance with relevant regulatory documents (ASTM, GOST, TT).
2. Preparation of an act on actual quality of analyzed oil products at the audit site.
3. Registration of actual analyzed oil product quality results into an integrated database.
4. Collection of samples to evaluate oil product quality according to GOST 2517 requirements.
5. Adherence to conditions of storage of oil product samples according to GOST 2517 requirements during their transportation to a stationary oil product analysis laboratory.


  • Comfortable working conditions for staff.
  • The oil product quality control laboratory is equipped with independent heating, ventilation, air conditioning and power supply systems.
  • The laboratory block is equipped with an automatic fire and smoke alarm systems.
  • The laboratory is designed to be used in different climatic zones with ambient temperature varying between - 40ºС and +40ºС.
  • Warranty maintenance throughout the CIS territory.


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