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Mobile/Movable Command Center


The mobile/movable command center (MCC) is used to organize data transfer to the CMC from and establish control at the emergency operation site during response to a natural or industrial emergency using modern technical communication means and cutting-edge technologies in regions not equipped with communication means.

Implemented tasks

1. The mobile / movable command center provides radio and telephone communications, documented information exchange, organization of video conferences, data transfer using radio, satellite and wiring channels in regions not equipped with communication means, solution of ad hoc problems, including non-standard tasks during emergencies.
2. Provision of information and psychological assistance to population in emergency areas.
3. Monitoring of chemical and radioactive status in the area of the MCC's location.
4. Video monitoring of the situation in the MCC’ location.
5. Full implementation of a mobile command center functions, provision of communications, receipt and processing of monitoring and other information during emergency rescue works and other urgent activities.
6. Forecasting of emergency consequences and evaluation of a possible situation, development of recommendations to conduct emergency rescue works using special program tools.


1. The mobile center delivers MCC workforce and equipment to operation sites using roads of all categories.
2. Organization of recreation and workflow within 3 days in an autonomous mode.
3. Real-time transmission of videoconferences, announcements of a spokesmen to display facilities.
4. Television signal reception (including satellite) and its transmission to display facilities of the MCC, including while on the move.
5. Connection of the information system of the mobile center (AWS of the mobile center) to the information system of the Crisis Management Center, Central Regional Center of the Crisis Management Center and the National Crisis Management Center.
6. Radio signal reception and its transmission to weatherproof speakers for the population, including the use of portable sound amplifiers for up to 500 m.
7. The mobile center monitors chemical and radioactive contamination of the environment in the MCC's location.
8. Video surveillance and video registration of the situation, DMC positioning.


  • The MCC can operate on the move.
  • A comprehensive approach to an organization of staff's workflow.
  • Highly reliable due to high quality of equipment and modern materials used.
  • The MCC can be used in extreme climatic conditions and off-road due to a reinforced frame, which guarantees high resistance to dynamic force, as well as thought-out power supply, heating and ventilation systems.
  • Can operate in areas of radioactive and chemical contamination, coating and paints are resistant to detergents and fuels in case of decontamination or de-gassing of the vehicle by means of authorized materials and weak acid solutions.
  • Can be transported by air and rail.
  • Complete package of authorization documents for registration with the Road Traffic Police.
  • Warranty maintenance throughout the CIS territory.


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