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Mobile Chemical Radiometric Laboratory


A mobile chemical radiometric laboratory ensures emergency response authorities with a mobile facility to carry out radiation intelligence and specify radiation status on site during emergencies.

Implemented tasks and capabilities

1. Delivery of up to 5 specialists and special equipment to operation sites using roads of all categories.
2. Operative radiation monitoring of radioactive pollution of a site and evaluation of a radionuclide composition of the pollution both during scheduled audits (normal conditions) and during emergencies.
3. Detection of ionizing radiation source (IRS) location and evaluation of a radionuclide composition of a source.
4. Detection of meteorological parameters in SA and SPZ.
5. Collection, processing and documenting of information about radioactive pollution of a site or ionizing radiation sources (IRS).
6. Forecasts of possible consequences of emergencies of radiation, chemical and biological nature.
7. Communications and information exchange with emergency response centers and other crews including real-time transmission of measurement results with GPS references.
8. Collection, express testing and transportation of soil, water and air samples.
9. Notification of the population about an emergency, transmission of special light and audio signals, verbal instructions and messages within a 500 m radius.


  • The laboratory performs radiation control of environmental objects in SPZ and SA both on the move and in steady-state conditions on-site on audited territories.
  • Self-contained power supply of communication, data acquisition and transmission equipment.
  • Versatility of the chemical and radiometric laboratory – a possibility to add equipment depending on tasks and objectives.
  • The vehicle is designed to be used in different climatic zones with ambient temperature varying between - 45ºС and +50ºС.
  • A complete package of authorization documents for registration with the Road Traffic Police at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the RK.
  • Warranty maintenance throughout the CIS territory.


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