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Hazardous goods transportation vehicle


A low tonnage specialized vehicle to transport radioactive wastes and materials, AVTOSPECTR Mobicom 3032 model « Vehicle for transportation of hazardous materials of class 7» , is used to ensure safe transportation of radioactive wastes (RAW), radioactive materials (RM) in transportation category I-III radiation packages (per classification of the «Safety Rules During Transportation of Radioactive Materials» – NR-053-04), special clothing and PPE.

Implemented tasks and capabilities

1. Transportation of RAW and RS (LRW, SRW, IRS) to a processing and long-term controlled storage site.
2. Independent liquidation of consequences of a possible accident involving special vehicle used to transport RAW and RM.
3. Organization of communications with relatied services.
4. Real-time control of a driver and visibility of the vehicle’s location (on-line).


  • The specialized vehicle complies with the requirements of RSS -99/2009, OSBORB-99/2010, SPORO-2002, NR-053-04, NR-071-06, NR-073-06, GOST 12.1.004-91, GOST 12.1.010-76, RSS-99/2009, OSBORB-99/2010, SPORO-2002 and ensures implementation.
  • The specialized vehicle to transport RAW and RM can be used in various climatic zones with ambient temperatures ranging between - 45ºС and +50ºС.
  • Complete package of authorization documents for registration with the Road Traffic Police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the RK.
  • Warranty maintenance throughout the CIS territory.


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