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SCANNER Mobile Radiation Monitoring System


  • radio-ecological monitoring of territories;
  • search of radioactive sources in residential areas, industrial zones, etc.;
  • gamma-spectrometric identification of radiation sources ;
  • control over unauthorized transportation of radioactive and nuclear materials (anti-terrorist.);
  • radiation terrain mapping;
  • Operative information processing and data transfer.

System composition

1. KSAR1U.041-05m portal neutron and gamma radiation registration system.
2. CanC-570 gamma radiation field circular scanning system.
3. ScanC-N low-energy radiation gamma scanner.
4. Pioneer pedestrian radiation monitoring system.
5. Portable radiometers and gamma spectrometers.
6. AWS, computer network, data receipt and transfer system, software and guidelines adapted to all systems.

Operational Specifications

Can operate in two modes:
1. permanent radiation control station;
2. mobile search monitor.

Covert radiation monitoring of the environment is possible.


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