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ScanC-570 Scanning System


A highly sensitive scanning system was commissioned by ETC SPb FSUE and developed based on the approval of Rosatom; it is used to search for and detect gamma radiation sources. The system is installed on a vehicle and is used to conduct remote search and localization of gamma radiation sources.


  • Gamma radiation detector - Na(I) 150×100 mm.
  • Range of gamma radiation energies between 0.1÷3.0 МэВ.
  • Rotating lead U-shape collimator.
  • Horizontal scanning with the 0°С до 360°С.
  • Error of source direction detection relative to the system axis – no more that 3°.
  • The system can reliably detect a source of gamma radiation with 137Cs radionuclide, which contribution to the energy doze of the surrounding gamma background is at least 2%.
  • Power is supplied to the system from the 12 V constant power source.
  • Time required to set up the operating mode – no more than 10 min.
  • It can be mounted on vehicles of various types.

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