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Mobile Radiation Control System


The mobile radiation control system is designed for remote detection of gamma and gamma-neutron radiation as part of a mobile radiation control station. The system is installed on a motor vehicle and includes KSAR1U.041-05m radiation monitor and a control computer.

Gamma radiation detectorPolystyrol 2,2×104 cm3
Neutron detectorHe-3 meters
Control zone
Vertically3 m
Horizontally3 m
Detection thresholds
СО from uranium300 g
Ba-133380 kBq
Cs-137420 kBq
Co-60230 kBq
Cf-2521,2×104 n/s
Power supply12 V / 220 V (30 Watt)
Operating conditions-50ºС...+50ºС, IP54

Can be mounted on vehicles of various types.

Operating Characteristics

Can operate in two modes:
1. Permanent radiation control station.
2. Mobile search monitor.

Covert radiation monitoring of the environment is possible.

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