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RadASM Radiation Security Information Management System


RadASM IMS has a hierarchic structure, which provides for a separation of the following functions:

  • monitoring of equipment operation and actions of the operating staff in response to alarms;
  • evaluation and analysis of information by specialists to support the work of operating staff;
  • development and adoption of management decisions.

RadASM IMS is a finished software product, which allows to incorporate all necessary equipment (information screening, detection, communication, processing and reporting) into the system, including radiation control and video surveillance systems by different manufacturers. Incorporation of RadASM allows for the use of standard already existing means of communication. The modular principle of RadASM organization, a network development structure and a flexible interface of services makes it possible to adapt the system to conditions of a specific facility, be it Rosatom State Corporation, a customs crossing point, a transportation infrastructure facility or a facility of a Ministry of Defense. The IMS can be added as an element to an industrial or national radiation monitoring system.
Organization of a temporary IMS to collect and process information with the help of mobile sites makes it possible to ensure security during public, sports or other events as well as to provide operative management in emergencies.


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