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Automated security cabin radiation monitoring system


ARMS RMS is designed to detect gamma radiation sources – nuclear materials (NM) and radioactive substances (RS) – when pedestrians are passing through a control zone and to generate an alarm, if NM or RS is detected.
The main principle of ARMS operation is to define rates of gamma-quantum detector count, compare them with background values and established detection thresholds, and make a decision with regards to presence or absence of an ionizing radiation source (IRS) in a monitored object.


ARMS is designed to be used in the following climatic conditions:

Operating temperature rangebetween 5°C and + 40°С
Relative air humidityUp to 75% at + 30°С without moisture condensation
Implementation groupK2 per GOST R 51635-2000
Implementation class as an impact on NPP security4 per NR-001-97 (FS 88/97)

Technical Characteristics

Main technical characteristics of the system are provided in the User Manual.


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