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RAV automated ambient air radiation control system


The RAV automated ambient air radiation control system is designed to measure the volumetric activity of radionuclides contained in samples of surface air aerosols and the power of the ambient equivalent of the gamma radiation doze near the atmospheric aerosol filter, to store and transfer data on system’s operations. The RAV system is used in zones of possible dissipation of gas and aerosol emissions of radiation facility.


The RAV automated radiation control system implements:

  • continuous sampling of aerosols from the surface air on a filter tissue by means of an air filtering unit (AFU);
  • automatic collection of parameter information about the AFU operations;
  • automatic collection of information on a cumulative air content of gamma radiating nuclides precipitated on the filter tissue;
  • automatic collection of information from external meteorological facilities on parameters of the air environment in sites, where AFUs are located (temperature, pressure, wind speed and direction, depending on specifications);
  • transformation, storage and provision of easy to understand characteristics and parameters required to conduct radio-environmental monitoring of the surface air.


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